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Chief instructor and owner, Sean Aras has been training new shooters in all different ages for more than 20 years. As a veteran of the Iraq war, his prestige training started at an early age. Following his duty, he continued to advance his training with firearms. He followed his passion by succeeding numerous training classes while simultaneously earning his credentials to become an effective firearm trainer. Outshining others in every firearm test, obstacle, and training program, he became an accredited trainer of the National Rifle Association and the Department of Justice. As an avid hunter and supporter of the 2nd amendment, he is a firm believer that gun handling needs to begin with obtaining adequate training on operating firearms efficiently and safely. Sean is a firm believer that firearm safety training needs to be the first step of owning and operating any firearm. He followed his passion of teaching proper firearm handling by bringing SoCal Tactical to life, so you and the members of your family can obtain the confidence and training it takes to safely, responsibly and comfortably handle firearms. There is never too much to learn about safety and proper handling of a firearm, therefore, those with basic experience and training can expand their skills by taking a hands-on class. Reach out to Sean today to learn more or visit the “Classes” tab to learn more about classes offered.


Certified by CA Justice Department & NRA

Certified Instructor for Handgun. Shotgun and Rifle

20 + Years of Firearm Training Experience

Certified Instructor for Self-Defense at Home