All options below are private sessions and on 1 on 1 bases.

Additional persons of your choice can be included into any package at discounted rates per person.

The 4 classes available are for:

  1. Semi-Automatic, pistols and revolvers.
  2. Shotguns
  3. AR-15 and high power rifles
  4. At home self-defense with your firearm

This is an advanced class and at least 1 of the other classes must have been taken prior to this class.

Option 1: The Full Day

Upon satisfactory completion of your training, you will be certified on behalf of NRA and California Justice department and will receive your signed certificate of completion.
The Full Day class is a 2 part course totaling an approximate 8 hours of education and hands-on training. It can be completed in 1 full day or broken into 2 separate days in your preference. The price of this 2 part class is $300. Additional person(s) of your choice can be added to your private class at a discounted rate.
Part 1 is an approximate 4-5 hours of will be obtained at the comfort of your own home, office, or private space. No live ammunition can be present during this part.
  1. During part 1 you will be trained on the following, but not limited to: Firearm safety.
  2. Approved ways of transporting and storing your firearm.
  3. Special focus and emphasis on principles of proper usage of a firearm.
  4. Hands on familiarization with different firearms (firearms will be provided).
  5. Proper breath control and aiming.
  6. Different stances.
  7. Firearm AND ammunition malfunctions and resolutions.
  8. Determination of shooter’s dominant eye.
  9. Complete steps to properly handle your firearm. This includes safety check, loading, unloading, disassembly, cleaning, and reassembling your firearm.
  10. Proper and effective grip, hold and trigger control.
Once you are confident in all steps of part 1 mentioned above, part 2 will be a hands-on course held in a live shooting range under close supervision and guidance of your trainer. You will be applying all learnings to your firearm during this time.

Option 2: Crash Course

This 1 part class is $175
This entire class is held at the shooting range. There will be a rundown on gun safety and basic handling of your firearm. You will learn how to load and unload your firearm using live rounds. No additional cost will be added for range fee, targets, eye, and ear protection as it is covered with the package price.

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