No! All classes (other than home-defense class) are well suitable for very new or inexperienced shooters as well as shooters with some previous experience. The class are accustomed based on your own experience and abilities. )
You will obtain a certificate of completion of firearm training on behalf of the National Rifle Association, although this is only available with option #1.
This class can be taught anywhere in the greater Southern California area ranging from Orange County to Los Angeles County and Ventura County.
Yes! However, shooters under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian at all times during the entire class.
You must be legally allowed to buy, own and possess firearms according to state of California and Federal laws in order to sign up or participate in this class. *You are required to own your firearm prior to or by the date of the class*
Selecting the proper firearm to purchase is crucially important. Options are endless and can be very confusing. Many first time firearm owners tend to purchase a firearm that is not adequate for their needs which can lead to mishandling, mistakes, and fear or usage. SoCal Tactical can guide you through this process from A to Z. We can also teach and administer the Firearm Safety test and issue your Firearm Safety Certificate (FSC) which is required by the state of California justice department PRIOR to the purchase of your firearm. A consultation on purchasing the right firearm \will be a complementary service upon booking a class


Certified by CA Justice Department & NRA

Certified Instructor for Handgun. Shotgun and Rifle

20 + Years of Firearm Training Experience

Certified Instructor for Self-Defense at Home