Prior to this course, my experience with guns was minimal and I was always nervous when it came to going to ranges, but by the end of the day, once Sean took us to the range I felt super confident. He was super thorough and informative. His confidence rubbed off on me and encouraged my confidence in my firearm safety skills. During my lesson with him and the following hands on training at the range, I felt safe and in the right hands. He was putting me at ease and teaching me all the proper techniques, step by step. Definitely a good time and I learned so much. Thank you Sean!
Savana Dulberg
SoCal Tactical was one of my best experiences in a firearm class. My confidence is much greater and comfort level has increased immensely. I am no longer feel afraid of my firearm. This class was worth every dollar. Very happy with the instructor, Mr. Aras. I would highly recommend a 1 on 1 class like this one. Worth every dollar.
Tyann Means

My mom and I took a private lesson with SoCal Tactical and it was the best decision I
ever made. I decided to take the class and bring my mom so we could feel safe incase
of an event where we would need to protect ourselves. I’ve never felt so liberated and secure after taking these lessons! I highly recommend to all you ladies, and men, who
want great lessons with patient and dedicated instructors! Sean was so patient and informative and really helped me understand every single thing there is to know about firearm safety and handling which is something I never thought I would be able to grasp so quickly and efficiently

Emily Dimian

Sean was amazing to work with. He is a great trainer and coach. I feel much more confident now handling my firearm. I had a great experience!!! I definitely recommend Sean and his program to both new and experienced enthusiast.

Marty Yeghishian

Sean is seriously phenomenal at what he does. Being someone who has very little to no experience with firearms, he got me very comfortable with handling different kinds of guns, it’s safety protocols and proper shooting etiquette. I feel like I can protect myself and my family during these crazy times and that is so important to me. The patience and knowledge he has with teaching and handling is so rare to come across and I’m so grateful I came across his business!


As a new gun owner with almost no real experience I was in search of a class that would get me up to speed. By the end of the course I was confident in my firearm safety, handling, and shooting skills. I highly recommend choosing SoCal Tactical for your firearm training!

Matan Shamam

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